Pia Mia Perez is a singer and a songwriter. She was born in September 19, 1996, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

She is mostly know for her public appearances with Bella Thorne, Stella Hudgens, Willow Smith and many more.

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Full Name: Pia Mia Perez :)

Hair Color: Brown - now dyed Blonde

Eye Color: Dark Brown


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Year Song Album
2011 "Bubblegum Boy" (with Bella Thorne)[20]

non-album song

2010 "Far Far Away" non album-song
2012 "The Last Man On Earth" non-album song
2011 "I Want You Back" Cover (non-album song)
2009 "The Climb" Cover (non-album song)
2010 "The Girl In 14G" Cover (non album song)
2010 "At Last" Cover (non album song)
2012 "Payphone (with Stan Carrizosa)" Cover (non album song)
2012 "Fix You" Cover (non-album song)
2012 "Safe & Sound" Cover (non-album song)